The meaning of data deletion

This project is set in a hypothetical near-future where traces of current technology are still visible and human interactions are largely relegated to the digital space. This project looks at the value of our personal data and the moment when we delete it. How do we give data meaning in the last step of its existence?

Design Research
Concept Development
This is the only feedback that you receive
How much data was really there?
How do we know that our data is actually gone?
Do we trust the deletion process of each service?

Giving form to the data in its last moment of existence

This conceptual printer will print out all of the data points that you delete from your online identity. In this future it is known that when your data is outputted to the printer a person can rest assure that the hard copy of their data is the only existence.

Why treat data deletion this way?

  • It gives people a moment of reflection after deleting their personal data
  • Making the data physical, and then destroying it, gives the process a sense of finality, closure
  • A ritualistic process is formed
  • People become more aware of their digital identities and the depth of data that is captured throughout their daily lives.
There is so much data being collected on us
Shouldn't we have a way to delete it in a meaningful way?