Pitney Bowes Printer Experience

I was a part of the three designer team at Free Association that was tasked with designing the end-to-end experience and visual system of Pitney Bowes connected printers. Our work focused on designing a cohesive experience of printing postage and shipping labels across printers and web interfaces.

User Experience
Visual Design

A connected printer that handles all packages

The Free Association team design worked directly with the internal Pitney Bowes UX team throughout the process. We worked on a quick iteration cycle that focused on building out prototype for testing with customers. The design focused on keeping a consistent visual and interactive language that would bridge between product verticals.

My Contribution

My role on the project was focused on the user experience of mailing packages with the USPS. Depending on the printer model, Pitney Bowes printers can print out a strip of multiple postage stickers (Tape button) or the printer can print directly on an envelope (Start button).

Screen 1

This screen is showing what a walk up experience of the printer would look like. The current setting are based on what was last used with the printer. The left-hand column shows details of the postage, and what account the postage is coming out of. In many cases there is just one printer for an organization, but the postage used needs to be tied to department budgets.

Screen 2

The left-hand column allows users to open up the specific details of the postage and see where the funds are being allocated.

Screen 3

This screen shows an alert state that is triggered when a different type of postage is set, but the required information is not entered. Many times this is linked to tracking and insurance information.

Screen 4

This screen shows the global function that works across multiple shipping methods that allows users to create presets for regular mailed object types.