Master of Design Thesis

This thesis is exploring how the addition of self-doubt in artificial intelligence systems shift a person’s passive role to an active role in the creation of narratives based off of their photos while still utilizing the strengths of computational systems to process large amounts of images.

Design Research


We are taking more pictures than ever before because of smartphones. This increased capturing frequency has resulted in large technology companies archiving and organizing images through computational systems. While they are necessary because of the volume of images, these systems are also trying to make sense of our images and the stories within them. Images are being automatically put into albums and grouped based on the data that computers see. The person who took the photos and has the story to go with the images is largely left out of the process.


What computers see

In addition to the typical metadata that is captured through the camera (shutter speed, ISO, etc), computer systems are also looking for patterns in:

  • Longitude / Latitude
  • Composition
  • Objects
  • Human Faces (to name a few)

Sample computer vision output


This page will be updated as the thesis progresses